After years of trying to be cool and fashionable, Quilmes beer had distanced itself from its consumers. Our goal was to bring the brand back to where it truly belongs. Quilmes is not a fancy beer, it´s not trendy; Quilmes is an argentine classic, and classics are for everyone. For that reason, we decided to put value back into the everyday simple things that every Argentinian enjoys. 

An Ordinary Man

Ricardo Darín, the most famous and respected actor in Argentina, wants to be again that regular guy who does regular things.
Back when nobody knew him. Things like drinking a Quilmes with a slice of pizza in a classic bar.

Masters Meeting

We gave social networks the role of pairing our beer with the most classical foods of Argentina. 
Quilmes´s Brewmaster, Luis Dimotta, met with the chefs of popular and iconic venues in Argentina in order to talk about the finer details of our beer and Argentina´s most classic foods.

Not trendy, but tasty.

So what should Quilmes do in such a trendy place like Instagram? The opposite: celebrate all those traditional,
simple and unpretentious venues where you can find the best and most typical argentine dishes.